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Last night, season 1 of BMF came to a close and now fans are already eager to see how season 2 pops off.

The hit Starz show follows Black Mafia Family, the drug trafficking and money laundering organization founded by Big Meech and Southwest T back in 1989 Detroit. Following the two brothers as they establish their business while juggling family, drug wars, and the limelight that comes with getting money, it’s an intimate and intricate tale from the start. Not to mention, Big Meech’s real-life son, Demetrius Flenory Jr., plays him in the series. Opposite Flenory Jr. is rising star Da’Vinchi, who portrays Terry “Southwest T” Flenory.

In Sunday’s finale, the brothers are of two different mindsets. Big Meech feels like he’s on top of the world and wants to expand their business after getting rid of the competition, Lamar, and his rat, Kato. Southwest T is making moves to exit the drug game after his girl left with his child, however. Not to mention, he was shot in the eye (which won him a hefty settlement in the finale episode).

At the end of it all, Meech and Terry aren’t on the same page and B-Mickie finds himself in a jam after pulling the trigger on his first love (Kato). B-Mickie can either take the rap for the bodies police found or snitch on his friends…and there’s no telling which route he’s going to choose.

Check out some fan reactions to the biggest season 1 finale moments below.

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1. Terry’s settlement money put a smile on his dad’s face when nothing else could the entire season.