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D Smoke won fans over early on in the Rhythm + Flow competition, so we weren’t at all surprised when the Inglewood rapper walked away victorious. Now, the world is slowly but surely becoming obsessed with him. We can’t blame ’em… D Smoke is talented, fine, one with the Lord, and humble as ever.

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In a quick clip for Netflix, he reads hilarious tweets about himself…

“Also D Smoke is fine as f*ck. A cute lil loc’d up medium man,” one read. “If you don’t think D Smoke is fine, you’re lying to yourself,” some else said, before yet another fan referred to his “zaddy energy.”  Tune in up top. Plus, a few more pics that prove these ladies are not lying below.

1. That smile.

2. That smize.

3. Whew.

4. We stan a peaceful papi.

5. Lawd.

6. From the side.

7. From the side … in color.

8. Zaddy.