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1. “Stand back Kim, I’ll handle this.”

Kim Kardashian Sighting In Paris Source:Getty

2. Completely and utterly fed up.

Penelope Disick, North West Source:Splash News

3. North tries to figure out what everyone’s deal is.

Kardashians at LAX Source:Splash News

4. North only smiles in front of cameras sometimes–just like dad.

North West Source:Getty

5. Kanye & Nori express some concern.

north west curls Source:Splash News

6. His x Hers.

Kardashians in Armenia Source:Splash News

7. Daddy’s baby.

North West gets baptized in Jerusalem Source:Getty

8. North protects her mom, just like dad would.

Kim Kardashian holds daughter North in arms as she visits church in Gyumri Source:Splash News

9. North clowns the paparazzi, just like dad would if he were there…

Kim Kardashian and North West - NYC, Milk Studios, SoHo Source:Splash News

10. North captures Kanye’s 2012 swag.

Kim Kardashian and North West Source:Getty

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