1. He Can Play The Piano.


2. And You May Catch Him At An All White Bashment

3. Kicks It With Jhene Aiko…From Time To Time

partynextdoor jhene aiko

4. Possibly Lookin’ For A Woman Of Faith Evans’ Caliber…To Make A Mil With.

5. Was A Cute Kid…And Is Basically His Father’s Twin Now.

6. Enjoys Art…Especially Bob Marley Inspired Art.

7. Reps OVO x OMO

8. Guilty For Lovin’ Gucci…But Who Isn’t?

9. Loves A Little Green, And….

10. Hennessy

11. He’s enjoying penthouse buildings with spectacular views…word to Jay Z.

12. He’s A Marvin Gaye Fan

13. Gets Freaky On The ‘Gram

14. Doesn’t Mind Letting His Durag Cape Flourish

15. Is An Incense Type Of Guy

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