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Everyone loves a celebrity couple! More than that, everyone loves a NEW celebrity couple. Whether it’s because of the surprise factor involved or just the genuine love that fans have for stars, these popular and a lot of times wealthy pairings garner so much intrigue online. Which ones get the much interest shown in them though?

A study conducted by recently determined the most popular new celebrity couples. The study used Google Keyword Planner to gather the search data and made the ranking based on the monthly number of Google searches. Additionally, the study collected information about the relationship timeline and the current status of the couple. Check out the list below! Let us know your favorite couple on the list and if any of them are surprising.

1. Millie Bobby Brown & Jake Bongiovi

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The most popular new celebrity couple is Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi with 626K monthly searches. The young couple has been dating for some time but they got engaged in April of 2023. They are the only engaged couple in this ranking and the news of their future weddings keeps fans interested.

Monthly Searches: 626,310

Time Together: Engagement In April

Relationship Status: Engaged 

2. Chrishell Stause & G Flip

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Chrishell Stause and G Flip take the second place in the ranking of the most popular new celebrity couples with 464K searches. The Selling Sunset star and G Flip, an Australian musician, were dating for some time but got married in May which made them popular online.

Monthly Searches: 464,580

Time Together: Got Married In May 2023

Relationship Status: Married 

3. Ashanti & Nelly

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A rapper Nelly and a singer Ashanti hold the third place and the couple was looked up online 358K times, a 100K less than for Chrishell Stause and G Flip. The couple has a long history but they got back together only in September and are already expecting a child.

Monthly Searches: 358,340

Time Together: September 2023 

Relationship Status: Expecting A Child 

4. Kylie Jenner & Timothee Chalamet

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Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet take the fourth place with 49K monthly searches, which is 7 times less than interest in Nelly and Ashanti. In January Kylie ended her previous relationship with Travis Scott and since April she was noticed in the company of Timothee Chalamet. Right now Jenner and Chalamet support each other’s careers, appear as a couple at public events. 

Monthly Searches: 49,500

Time Together: April 2023 

Relationship Status: Dating 

5. Chase Stokes & Kelsea Ballerini

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Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini hold the fifth place and appear in 28K searches, 20K less than searches for Jenner and Chalamet. The couple had been dating since 2022 but opened up about their relationship in February. The pair keep appearing together and more frequently talk about their relationships.

Monthly Searches: 28,510

Time Together: Opened Up About Relationship In February 

Relationship Status: Dating 

6. Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater


Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are sixth in the list of the most popular new celebrity couples with 27K searches a month, closely following Stokes and Ballerini in popularity. They met during the filming of the Wicked movie and started a relationship which became public in July. Now the couple is reportedly living together in New York City.

Monthly Searches: 27,100

Time Together: July 2023

Relationship Status: Dating

7. Gigi Hadid & Brad Cooper

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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper take the seventh place with 22K monthly searches. Their relationships became public in October 2023 and according to sources, they were quietly dating for some time before that. Right now the pair is happily together and considering making their relationship more serious.

Monthly Searches: 22,200

Time Together: Seen Together Since October 2023 

Relationship Status: Dating 

8. Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hold the eighth place of the most popular new celebrity couples with 12K searches. The most recent couple on the list, they got the attention when Taylor Swift attended Kelce’s game.

Monthly Searches: 12,100

Time Together: October 2023 

Relationship Status: Dating 

9. Ashlyn Harris & Sophia Bush

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Ashlyn Harris and Sophia Bush are ninth with people looking up the pair 9.9K times last month. Both Harris and Bush recently ended their previous relationships and filed for divorce.

Monthly Searches: 9,900

Time Together: October 2023

Relationship Status: Dating 

10. Halsey & Avan Jogia

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Halsey and Avan Jogia close the ranking of the most popular new celebrity couples with the tenth place and 6.6K searches. The dating rumors have been flying since June and in September they started appearing together in public and in social media posts.

Monthly Searches: 6,600

Time Together: September 2023

Relationship Status: Dating