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Ever since the Stonewall Rebellion on June 28, 1969, leaders have fought for queer and trans rights, paving the way for a younger generation that simply wants to be themselves. Although there is still much work to be done in 2020, young leaders in the entertainment industry are continuing to pave the way with their voices, their writing, and their imagery.

Keiynan Lonsdale is definitely one star about the cause. The actor and singer first gained fame as Wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash, in The CW series The Flash. He further gained attention when he played the gay love interest in the 2018 coming-of-age romantic comedy Love, Simon. The movie was significant because around the time of its release, Lonsdale made an Instagram post revealing that he’s “not apologizing for falling in love with people no matter their gender.”


Now, at 28 years old, Lonsdale continues to speak up for queer identities, despite avoiding hard-lined labels for himself.

“The first time I realized I was queer, I was around 12,” he said in a talk with them. “I was at dance class, and a few of us boys were just talking. One of my friends brought up sexuality and was like, ‘We might like guys. We might like girls. We don’t know. We’ll discover it.'”

Lonsdale went on to say that after therapy, he was able to come to terms with his sexuality, and since then, he continues to push boundaries for himself. “That’s how we keep progressing forward,” he said. “It gives you direction. Let’s sing about thatLet’s put on that outfit. I was afraid of wearing a wig and a dress in the “Rainbow Dragon” video, but I really wanted to, so I did.”


You can check out more gorgeous looks from Lonsdale — from casual, to sexy, to glam — in the photos below.















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