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"I'm A Virgo" LA Premiere

Source: Courtesy / Prime Video

The beloved Prime Video coming-of-age series “I’m A Virgo” boasts a talented cast, including Jharrel Jerome, Brett Gray, Olivia Washington, Mike Epps, and more. The cast paired with the writing and Boots Riley one-of-a-kind vision made for excellent television. Check out what we know about the cast inside.

“I’m A Virgo” is a coming-of-age joyride about Cootie, (Jerome) a 13-foot-tall man, who escapes to experience the beauty and contradictions of the real world. He forms friendships, finds love, navigates awkward situations, and encounters his idol named The Hero.

It’s a strange yet enticing story, where the giant man is forced to adapt to society’s norms in a way. Somehow, Cootie maintains his uniqueness and Jerome’s onscreen talents shine throughout the first season, which consists of 7 episodes.

Alongside Jerome, Gray, Washington, Epps Allius Barnes, Kara Young, Carmen Ejogo, and Walton Goggins round out the stellar cast on Prime Video’s latest series. Everyone has their own special role and superpower, which is revealed throughout the first season.

Through newfound friendship, love, and heartache, this ensemble cast is committed to creating from the most authentic space.

There are notable talents like Jerome (When They See Us, Concrete Cowboy), Olivia Washington (Robin Roberts Presents: Mahalia, The Butler), Mike Epps (Next Friday, “The Upshaws”) who make up the all-star cast. Meanwhile, newer acts like Kara Young and Allius Barnes make a lasting impression with their performances this season.

Though you may recognize these gifted actors from a variety of other projects, we want you to properly meet the “I’m A Virgo” cast.

Meet the cast below:

1. Jharrel Jerome

"I'm A Virgo" LA Premiere Source:Prime Video

2. Kara Young

"I'm A Virgo" LA Premiere Source:Prime Video

3. Carmen Ejogo

"I'm A Virgo" LA Premiere Source:Prime Video

4. Olivia Washinton

"I'm A Virgo" LA Premiere Source:Prime Video

5. Brett Gray

"I'm A Virgo" LA Premiere Source:Prime Video