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Teyana Taylor is coming for the summer’s neck.

It’s quite clear, considering she’s already dropped some epic teasers for her upcoming album called The Album. With the title alone, it’s apparent the 29-year-old Harlem native is pretty confident.


The teaser releases have especially been exciting because they recall other influential artists. For the album cover, Teyana rocks an exaggerated look with darkened, almost metallic, skin and an elongated neck reminiscent of Grace Jones’ album covers.


Then, on Thursday, Taylor released a teaser for her upcoming music video for the song, “Bare Wit Me”. It’s complete with some enticing dance moves and a wardrobe that includes brightly colored trench coats and fedoras.


The immediate reference would be Michael Jackson and his music video for “Smooth Criminal”. However, the look also recalls another cultural moment that might be less remembered but was captivating none the less…

The 1990 movie Dick Tracy.

The action crime flick based on a 1930s comic strip was known for its production and costume design. It was so celebrated that the production designer, Richard Sylbert, and set decorator, Rick Simpson, for the movie won Best Art Direction at the 63rd Academy Awards. The costume designer, Milena Canonero, was also nominated for an award.


Although Teyana didn’t list her influences directly, it’s clear she’s proud of the vision her team created, considering she gave them a full shoutout on her Instagram. She listed Beeōmbi as the costume designer for the video and herself and (Sha)Neekqua as the choreographers.

Folks on the Internet approved. Check out some hype tweets praising Teyana’s upcoming release below.