1. Malika and BFF Khloe rocking a pouty lip.

2. The two sisters looked fab in Vegas for Khloe’s birthday.

3. Back in 2006, Khadijah and Malika looked fresh in all white pantsuits.

4. Malika was always Khloe’s right-hand woman for Lakers games back in 2010.

5. Twinning!

6. These two look like mirror images in their opposite side parts and black dresses at Tao in 2009.

7. Whatcha doin?

malika khadijah haqq instagram

8. Sister, sister!

9. Nails done, hair done, everything did.

10. Mrs. Officer, Mrs. Officer.

11. Bangs, no bangs.

12. Showing love to a then-pregnant with baby North, Kim Kardashian.

13. Muah!

14. Up close and personal.

15. Hear no evil.

16. Both twins are glowing in this photo.

17. Sitting pretty.

18. Throwback! Check out besties Malika and KoKo in 2001.

19. Jenner/Haqq sister sandwhich!

20. Hey, you!

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