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Clever Creators Remix TikTok Video Of Clumsy Girl And The Result Is Golden

Every day there seems to be a new challenge or trend that has the internet in a chokehold.  Some trends highlight talent, some are humorous, some are just plain pointless, but that’s the intrigue of social media! It’s hard to track exactly what type of content will pop off and spread like wildfire.  On TikTok, it’s the most unlikely sounds that turn out to be the most used.

In case you’re not quite hip to Gen Z lingo, “sounds” on TikTok are the selected audio accompanying a video. Many creators use sounds saved on the app, and using trending sounds may garner an instant influx of views.  This is how many a videos end up viral. Because the sounds are so easily copied from the original video, sounds tend to trend incredibly fast! In this particular viral TikTok, a user by the name of Katey Lorrell uploads a video of her attempting to record but bumping into her bedpost an yelping.  However, the tone in her exclamation made it easily interchangeable with popular song lyrics.

As if the initial embarrassment of the stumble wasn’t enough, creators then started adding their videos side by side with the original, and singing songs such a “My Boo” by Kelly Rowland or “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. As pitiful as it was, you have got to love the humor and creativity! Peep a few of the most hilarious remix videos of this “Ah” sound that we can’t stop laughing at!

1. @j.c.leach

2. @peningtonn

3. @omgitsnikefinesse

4. @officialjalam

5. @bashtheentertainer

6. @raspberryjuice33

7. @hamiltonmusical

8. @mrjonzmusic

9. @reppertoire

10. @isaiahpapaya