The Daily Grind Video

1. Tiffany Richardson

Cycle 4.
Known as one of the more infamous models of the series — Tiffany now works at a group home in FL, assisting people with Mental Disabilities. The mom of two says she’s happier than she’s ever been.

2. Danielle Evans

Winner of Cycle 6.
Dani is still out here ripping the runway and being the Southern beauty and fashion designer that she is. Back in 2103, she even wrote a book about modeling called The Skinny On Getting In.

3. Naima Mora

Winner of Cycle 4.
Naima is still a striking model — but she spends more times focusing on her music these days.

4. Toccara Jones

Cycle 3.
Toccara Jones is still out here living her best life. Her hosting gigs has taken precedence over her modeling career.

5. April Wilkner

Cycle 2.
April took her talents behind the camera as a red carpet correspondent, but modeling is still her bread and butter.

6. Isis King

Cycles 11 &17
Ms. King hasn’t slowed down since her modeling career began. Now she acts, hosts and inspires young Trans women everywhere to live their best life.

7. Keenyah Hill

Keenyah is still modeling and serving major face these days. She also has her own workshop teaching aspiring models the tricks of the trade.

8. Sara Racey Tabrizi

Cycle 2.
Since finishing season 2 of ANTM, Sara continued on modeling, and she owns her own retro active clothing line called ‘ATHLETIC’.

9. Mercedes Scelba- Shorte

Mercedes is now a mom, actress and jewelry designer.

10. Camille McDonald

Camille spends her days modeling and mommying. She’s also a serious fitness enthusiast.

11. Yoanna House

Cycle 2 Winner.
Yoanna is still a booked and busy model who also works as a TV presenter.