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Young Thug

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Young Thug ain’t no joke when it comes to this fashion thing.

Thugga has paved his own lane not only as a unique emcee with rare melodic flows — but his sense of style is out of this world.

Many people try to copy Thug’s drip, but there’s a difference between having style and being fashionable. Fashionable people wear whatever is on trend and attempt to pull it off by any means necessary. But folks with style can wear a napkin and make it look like the most expensive ensemble you’ve ever seen. Thugga is the latter, and we love seeing every moment of it. In a 2019 interview with GQ, he touched on this phenomenon:

“I’m big on fashion… once you have a fashion mindset, 100% fashion mindset, you learn that nothing is ugly,” he said. When asked if style is “something beyond the clothes,” he responded: “Yes, of course. Beyond the clothes. Once you become stylish and once you become—in that field, you learn that… when you speak on the word “style” or the word “fashion,” the clothes, the actual clothes are actually the smallest thing.”

In honor of the Fashion Killa’s 30th birthday — check out all the times Young Thug was Hip Hop’s next and BEST style icon. Join us in wishing him the happiest of birthdays!

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1. Sophisticated Thug

Young Thug Source:Getty

The name “Young Thug” may not be original, but somehow Thugga managed to create his very own unique lane out of something so generic. Now he’s a style God to many.

2. Colorful Thug

Young Thug Source:Getty

Taking risks is what we love most about Thugger’s fashion sense. What other gangster rapper would be this comfortable in so many colors and prints?

3. Drippin’

Young Thug Source:Getty

By just being his fly, brave self, Thug has inspired so many young people to express themselves in whichever ways they can — whether it be fashion or music.

4. A world of his own

Young Thug Source:Getty

We’ve all heard of being fashion forward, but for Thugga, he’s more of a fashion further guy. He’s alway pushing the limits, no matter who has something to say about it.

5. Hitting the stage

2021 Lollapalooza - Day 4 Source:Getty

One thing about Thugger, he’s going to commit every time.

6. Lil Baby’s Ice ball

Lil Baby's Ice ball Source:Getty

And, he always stands out in a crowd.

7. Runway Thug

Young Thug Source:Getty

Fashion and Hip Hop may go hand-in- hand these days — but Thug was one of the first to shake the fashion world by mixing his hardcore, Atlanta rager style with high fashion, risqué, unisex pieces.

8. Demure Thug

Young Thug Source:Getty

And he’s not always flashy and pretentious when it comes to his fashion. Sometimes less is more with the style god. Just a statement piece, some slime jewelry and his pearly whites.

9. Unique Yo

Young thug Source:Splash News

10-20 years from now, Thug will go down in history as a fashion pioneer, dope emcee and an inspiration for many generations to follow.

10. Courtside with 21

Philadelphia 76ers v Houston Rockets Source:Getty

Happy Birthday, young King!