Michael B. Jordan went all out for his role in Creed, taking a punch to the face in order to film the realest scene possible. Sylvester Stallone posted a video of Michael as Apollo Creed taking a hard hit and falling flat to the canvas. Jordan said of his role, “I’m an actor, not a […]

Twelve-year-old actor Jaden Smith is following in the footsteps of his father Will Smith, who is the king of summer blockbuster movies. With his hit movie “Karate Kid,” Jaden Smith is now the highest paid child star in Hollywood. Jaden reportedly earned $1 million when he was 10-years-old for filming “Karate Kid.” Since then, the […]

Ever wonder how old your favorite celebrity is? Well, for some, you’ll definitely be surprised. Some musicians seem to be very mature, but really they’re just babies. The same goes for actors who look not a day over 25, but have been on this earth long enough to be very seasoned at their craft. GlobalGrind […]


Race is funny.  Comedy is a relieving way to address loaded taboo subjects such as sexism, racism, and politics to name a few.  There has been a surge of more ethnic players in comedy and even women too.  Although their ‘disenfranchising’ element like being a female or black is the most salient on surface, comedians […]

Aziz Ansari is like the new it guy. Not only did he host the MTV Movie Awards, and Battle Diddy to see who was the most smooth, he recently revealed his mother and father on his blog titled Aziz is Bored which he writes via Tumblr.  So before I reveal to you who Aziz Ansari […]

<p>Tariq Aziz lawyer Badie Aref has confirmed the news and has added that Tariq Aziz condition is quite serious, Tariq Aziz surrendered to the US Army in April 2003.</p>