The Georgia woman who terminated her five-month-long pregnancy by taking an abortion pill she purchased online had the murder charges against her dropped, The Washington Post reports. Kenlissia Jones bought the drugs from a source in Canada, the site writes. The 23-year-old gave birth while on the way to the hospital, but the baby died […]

A 10-year-old girl from Paraguay is with child after her stepfather raped her. In addition to the heinous crime, the young girl has to deal with her country denying her the right to get an abortion. Daily Beast reports: On April 23, the unnamed girl was reportedly checked into the hospital by her mother. She […]


A day after Kansas became the first state to ban the practice called “dismemberment abortions,” Oklahoma senators on Wednesday passed a similar measure to block the procedure for second trimester abortions, reports Reuters. The procedure is poised to become the latest political hot button issue in the U.S. debate over reproductive rights, writes the news […]


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday signed a measure that made his state the first to ban a procedure used for most second-trimester abortions, according to CNN. The Republican politician, flanked by anti-abortion advocates, signed the legislation at a ceremony. CNN reports: The law, signed by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday, bans what it describes […]


Just days after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence declared a public health emergency in his state due to an HIV outbreak, it was revealed the county at the center of the explosion has been without a testing center since early 2013, reports the Huffington Post. The clinic in Scott County and four other Planned Parenthood facilities in the […]

In a comparison that is both inaccurate and sensationalized, a Republican lawmaker from South Dakota wrote on his website that Planned Parenthood, the family planning center, is worse than ISIS. Yes. The same ISIS that beheads, tortures and kills in the name of religion. Isaac Latterell, a Republican member of the state’s House of Representatives, […]

Police have arrested a Florida man who asked his pregnant girlfriend if she was ready for her “abortion date,” before he plowed into her with a vehicle on Monday. The woman, identified as Crystal Lynn Noordhuizen, and her unborn baby, survived the hit-and-run. In video taken from a surveillance camera, 33-year-old Justin Lee Colby can be seen […]

Ludacris opened the New Year with joy and positivity after announcing that he’d married longtime girlfriend Eudoxie. Just a few weeks later, the rapper is under fire after his latest baby mama Tamika Fuller, whom he knocked up while still dating Eudoxie, claimed that he made a deal with her to get an abortion. Tamika […]

Among the think pieces and lists about how feminism won 2014, the thing consistently overlooked proves to also be the most infuriating. Feminism, while it has always outlined the shape of politics and culture throughout the years, isn’t new. Feminism didn’t just happen. It’s not a trend. It’s not suddenly “important” because of how mainstream it’s become in recent months. […]

It’s official. Midterm elections are over, and the votes are in. Last night was one for the books — the GOP took back the Senate, Congress made history by welcoming the 100th woman for the first time ever, and recreational marijuana use became legal in the nation’s capital. Check out these stories below to see […]

Just days before early voting is set to begin in Texas, a court of appeals has reinstated the state’s controversial voter ID law. The ruling was based on the deadline for early voting and was previously deemed unconstitutional by residents. The law requires residents to show a state-issued ID to vote. Previously, residents were allowed to […]

A Texas court ruling will close most abortion clinics in the second most populous state in the nation, according to Think Progress. The ruling, passed down from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, will bring the number of available clinics down to eight. The new law will take effect immediately in Texas. […]