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Last week Russell Simmons made me cry.  Sounds juicy, I know but sorry, there is no real scandal to tell.  But there is a story – so here it is.  As most of you know Russell is an animal rights activist. He truly cares about animals and tries to spread the animal rights message to everyone. […]


What’s up GLOBAL GRIND? Mad respect to Russell Simmons.My name is AL Reynolds and I am financial educator, professor, author, entrepreneur, and television commentator. When I married into the entertainment business, I was a successful Wall Street Private Banker whose client list read like the Who’s Who of the academic and business community as well […]


Here’s more photos from my shoot in the Maldives. Jessica                              

Award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson speaks with DJ Whoo Kid about everything from Star Wars and his personal favorite movies to light saber fights at Comicon and Charli Baltimore in this exclusive interview! How hard does Whoo Kid geek off Star Wars?  Is there possibility of Mace Windu coming back in another Star Wars movie? Was it really 50 Cent vs. Samuel L when they last met? Listen and learn!    

Just finished shooting in the Maldives for a Korean magazine called Star Hwa Bo.Behind the scenes! xoJessica

Star Jones says it wasn’t difficult to discuss in detail her controversial gastric-bypass surgery in front of a worldwide audience on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” because the TV titan has a knack for putting her guests at ease. “I had a great time, and the best part about doing it with Oprah is she’s the […]

Is the bearded lady concept more than a myth? And are women really ok with dating a bisexual man?

12 years, dozens of documentaries, articles, and investigations; numerous conspiracy theories, opinions, innuendos, and accusations; and a score of tribute songs, previously unreleased tracks, and video footage…

Fans never seem to get their fill of ‘Star Wars,’ and George Lucas is happy to oblige. Lucas offered a glimpse into the latest creation in his sci-fi universe at the theater-owners convention ShoWest on Thursday, showing a sequence from ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ a computer-animated movie due in theaters Aug. 15. It will […]

<p>It’s been written many times that Democrat Barack Obama gets a "rockstar" reception. Turns out the real thing is not quite the same.</p>

by Marcel MutoniOK, not really, but Rasheed Wallace isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of going to New Orleans next month.With Shaq fossilizing before our very eyes, and Dwight Howard being the sure-fire starter , ‘Sheed is likely to be named the backup center by the coaches in the mid-season showcase. There’s just one small […]