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Emma Stone has a sex tape and it’s not with her Amazing Spider-Man boyfriend Andrew Garfield! PHOTOS: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Show Some Offscreen Love In Teen Vogue According to new reports, The Gangster Squad actress filmed a sex tape before the new couple met and even before she became famous, but now its existence is […]

The Amazing Spider-Man stars and real life couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are heating up the pages of the August 2012 issue of Teen Vogue with their latest cover spread.  PHOTOS: Va-Va-Voom! Emma Stone Is More Beautiful Than Ever In Vogue Stone, who donned a Louis Vuitton dress for the cover shoot, was all smiles […]

Fresh-faced Andrew Garfield plays Spider-Man in the upcoming film reboot The Amazing Spider-Man and VMan got a chance to catch up with the actor for a rare interview … with himself! Well, not quite. Toby Maguire, who also played Spider-Man in past installments of the film franchise, interviewed Garfield and the outcome was nowhere near as awkward as you […]

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were spotted out in NYC catching a cab and looking adorable! The fashionable couple both channeled their inner New Yorker style, with Emma in a plaid coat and Andrew in a pea coat. PHOTOS: 8 Emma Stone Photos That Back Up Jim Carrey’s Crush! The Amazing Spiderman couple looked like they […]

The Amazing Spider-Man full trailer has been released and it looks like we’re in for a high-flying heroic movie!  Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker and Emma Stone plays love interest Gwen Stacy, as Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on […]

It seems like love is in the air for co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield! The Amazing Spider-Man castmates have been rumored to be more than friends for quite awhile, but now the duo has officially stepped out together in a non-work capacity!  Last night at Nobu restaurant in Malibu, the two were spotted leaving […]

Anne Hathaway is set to play Catwoman in the new movie The Dark Knight Rises. Now, the first photos of Ms. Hathaway in costume have appeared and she looks fun, fierce and fabulous. Many women have played Catwoman before Anne, including Halle Berry and Eartha Kitt. There are so many different superhero movies coming out this […]

News for cool people, all the stuff you need to know in a 140 characters or less. Leggo! Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs bring a new meaning to Community. “The next day we were texting each other: Are you sore, too?’ [GQ] [pagebreak] Emma Stone does the “Wipe Me Down” dance on Andrew Garfield‘s Chest. [EW] […]

Along with her new album, Beyonce has presented her fans to a new alter-ego named Sasha Fierce. The singer affirms that this new persona is the fun, more sexual and more aggressive side of her. This is however the “general public” version of the story. The esoteric meaning revealed by the  symbols surrounding this new persona is […]

Bravo network skipped out on premiering the fourth season of ‘Real Housewives of New York’ for the spicy Latina’s of Miami. ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ premiered last night on the reality network. PHOTOS: Meet The Ladies Of ‘Real Housewives Of Miami’ The Real Housewives of Miami are probably some of the sexiest housewives to date, […]

Her name instantly makes you think about sex.  Minaj, pronounced ‘ménage’ leads you to believe that everything springing forth from her is titillating and sex tinged with the goal of causing men to lose blood flow to their brains.  We judge her just on that alone.  We think, ‘Oh, God. Not another one’.  Not another […]