It’s no secret. Driving while black is not only a common phrase used among African-American communities to describe their interactions with law enforcement. It’s factual. According to the Justice Department, blacks are more likely than whites to be pulled over and have their cars searched. And following the many incidents of black men and women […]

In the fight for the domination of the social media space, in order to keep up, one must constantly reinvent themselves, and Facebook is not going down without throwing some punches. Their latest effort? Paper.  The company announced Paper on Thursday, a standalone news reader mobile app that has reportedly been in the works for years. According […]

Have you ever sent a regrettable late-night text that you wish you could take back before someone read it? Ever want to share a scantily clad selfie but fear that you’ll be captured by a screenshot? Or were you ever having a conversation you wanted to remain completely private? Today, a new free app now […]