Justin Bieber‘s much talked about Comedy Central Roast aired last night and amidst all the jokes poking fun at the Biebs, some tasteless moments, some awkward moments, and some actually hilarious commentary, the 21-year-old troublemaker finally had a chance to speak his mind and apologize for his bad behavior. After the Kevin Hart-helmed two-hour comedy special […]

Is Justin Bieber racist because he said the N-word while telling a bad joke when he was 15-years-old? The Biebs’ former bodyguard Kenny Hamilton thinks not, as he explained via Twitter over the weekend, and now another one of Justin’s pals is speaking up on his behalf – Floyd Mayweather. After a 5-year-old video of Justin using […]

It’s just as the world expected – Justin Bieber is far from over his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Nothing brings out the bad boy’s inner prince like his princess and just moments ago, the superstar – who was recently arrested on DUI and drag racing accusations – proved it by posting a photo of Selena at […]

There have been many complaints about Justin Bieber‘s driving, but this time, someone’s life was allegedly taken away because of it. According to TMZ, the mother of photog Chris Guerra, who was killed in a hit and run, is claiming that her son wasn’t hit by one, but two cars, and is now accusing Bieber’s SUV […]