Today’s Twitpic comes from superman himself (in my opinion), Lance Armstrong. He and fellow rider  Johan Bruyneel are in Paris for the TDF 2010 route presentation. Here are some of the pics he snagged: Just finished lunch w/ President Sarkozy at the Palais de L’Elysee. He loves cycling! (via LanceArmstrong)  Paris CDG. Definitely the coolest […]


Today’s twitpic comes to us from Travis Barker. His clothing line ‘Famous Stars and Straps’ has taken off in the last few years and now he’s broadening his horizons. Here’s a pic of the ‘Famous Stars and Straps’ skateboard:   What do you guys think?     

Today’s pics are brought to you by Celebrity Tweet. I chose a couple of pics that fit my mood for today: randomness.   ‘Daily Pic: Just in case you ever wondered what MY view of SVU looks like…#FLTG’ (via iceT) ‘As i pray at the end of yesterdays game Zimmer and his family and the […]

Uncle Russ took Vanessa & Angela on vacation with their cousins (Ming Lee & Aoki) and Julie Henderson.  Enjoy the personal pics below:

Today’s twitpics come to you via freshalina. She happened to grab some pics from The BET Hip Hop Awards!   Trina Nicki Minaj Choppa (Making The Band Season 1) Angel Lola Luv SouljaBoy Tell Em’ On Stage Mario and his backgound dancers Im excited to see the awards! What do you guys think of the […]

Here we are again for another installment of ‘@GlobalGrind’s Twitpics Of The Day’. I’ve picked 3 twitpics from Twitter’s timeline that I thought fit the theme.   ‘Daughters in cabana on beach…Want this kind of experience for all dads . .Unconditional love’ (via @UncleRush)     ‘last happy picture. blackberry goes back to cabana. kids […]

Happy weekend everybody! We at Global Grind have a treat for you. There are tons of things to do on the weekend. But, if you’re the type that likes good programming, or a good movie, we have just the thing. –Friday night is ‘movie night’: New movies come out every friday (and sometimes Wednesday). If […]

2 days ago, Miley Cyrus packed up her Twitter page and left us all hanging. A month ago, Kid Cudi did the same thing. It leaves us here at Global Grind asking, ‘Why are celebrities leaving Twitter’?! According to Sandra Rose, and others, Miley Cyrus quit Twitter because her boyfriend doesn’t approve of her having […]

We @globalgrind want to give the best all the time.  Top 3 twitpics of the day:   ‘the black book is written. jay has it. he’s never going to put it out’ (via @dreamhampton) ‘lunch.’ (via @lennykravitz) ‘Even tho I’m a Mets fan how can u pass up seats to the Yanks, especially when u […]

Victoria Secret held NYC auditions for their Angels at Yankee stadium yesterday. Once the winner is chosen, she will join Marisa Miller and other in the Victoria’s Secret models at live Victoria Secret fashion show that airs on December 1st. Check out the hopefuls:         If you had to choose, which Victoria […]

Duwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is back with new movie! His latest project is titled, ‘The Tooth Fairy’ and its a comedy/family movie, similar to ‘The Game Plan’, a movie in which he played a popular, egotistical football player who found out he had a daughter. This movie is somewhat similar: he plays a father and […]

So, we here at GG were at lunch, eating and talking. We somehow got on the subject of the television show, ‘Martin’ and who our favorite characters were. You already know that gave me the idea to put together a blurb about ‘Martin’. But, heres the twist- you guys can be involved, as well. Its […]