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These classic R&B albums will be turning 20 years old this year. Click inside to see the list and reminisce a bit!

Happy National One Hit Wonder Day! Artists who are only known for one song throughout their whole career usually get a bad rep. But isn’t that better than putting out tons of subpar music? Nowadays, you can make one song, add a little dance to go along, have it go viral, get another popular artist […]

When it comes to music, some artists are more interested in the art aspect of it than business side. Hence the reason why the artists behind some of our favorite hits are poppin’ one day and gone the next. That may not be the case for all of them, but them. Some musicians encounter financial […]

Today is Jay Z's 46th birthday. Our boy Young Hov has been around for a long time.

R&B singer Blu Cantrell loves Jay-Z and Beyonce’s name choice for their adorable daughter Blue Ivy.  DETAILS: Blue Ivy Carter, The Meaning Behind Beyonce’s Baby Name Blu Cantrell, whose birth name is Tiffany Cobb, got her nickname “Blu” from her mother when she was little. It’s said that Tiffany’s mother always called her Blu as […]


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