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Happy National One Hit Wonder Day! Artists who are only known for one song throughout their whole career usually get a bad rep. But isn’t that better than putting out tons of subpar music?

Nowadays, you can make one song, add a little dance to go along, have it go viral, get another popular artist on the remix, collect your bag and we never hear from you again. Things were different 20 years ago — even 10 years ago.

If you had a one hit in the early 2000’s that still makes folks dance in the club, you can still be as poppin’ and as paid as artists with a slew of hits, if you play your cards right. Just look at the Baha Men.”Who Let The Dogs Out” is still one of the most popular songs of the new millennium, and we haven’t heard much from the guys since it’s Summer 2000 release.

Although the group members were allegedly cheated out of nearly $200,000 of the songs profits, their single is still one of the most popular one hit wonders in the history of music. Plus we still don’t know who actually let the dogs out.

Today, let’s celebrate the songs that may have only been on the airwaves for a few weeks, but they live in our hearts, souls and dance routines forever and ever.

One Hit Wonder Jams That Still Make Us Dance Today
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