GlobalGrind’s favorite Jersey Boy Brian Wood has taken his line to the Left Coast, opening the Panty Raider concept shop in Los Angeles. His Ransom Is Love: A Conversation With Designer Brian Wood Wood, who spoke to GlobalGrind last summer, has been tweeting up a storm promoting the shop, his second pop-up in two years, […]

Our good friend Brian Wood, he of New Jersey and African Warlord Fame, sent us a kit about his latest project, I am a Panty Raider. Brian gave us the details on the short film he’s written and produced in support of his Varsity Jacket by the same name from his secondary line, B.Wood. STORY: Brian Wood’s […]

Harlem’s Purple City Gang is known for their glorification of the greatness associated with the purple stuff, and designer Brian Wood is celebrated for his keen ability to create raw street wear. Mix a little B. Wood with some Purple City and you get PurpleSour Gang.  PHOTOS: Brian Wood’s Ransom Is Love! Hip-hop artist/producer and current host […]

We’ve been meaning to shoot the breeze with fashion designer Brian Wood for a long time, ever since we took a gander at his ‘African Warlord’ collection a few seasons ago. Truth be told, he was on our radar even before then, as some of the city’s most influential movers and players in the New […]

Justin Bieber got himself a new haircut and now he wants to play at the Playboy Mansion. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner announced last night on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ that he will be marrying his latest girlfriend/fiance Crystal Harris on June 18, 2011, and also revealed that Justin Bieber has requested to come visit the Playboy […]


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are a duo that never fails to wow the crowd and they have expanded their real estate ventures across the ocean.  On top of a $3.5 million mansion in New Orleans and another in Los Angeles they have added to their assets a magnificent palace of $40 million in the […]


Many have heard of Candy Spelling, author/widow of Aaron Spelling and mother of Tori Spelling, and her bid last year to sell Spelling Manor for a cool $150,000,000. It appears she was serious as the home hit the open market last Thursday (Sep. 2). The French chateau-style mansion and childhood home of Tori Spelling has […]


Lebron James’ house in Miami is off the hook, well at least according Ozone Magazine.  They are reporting that Lebron James has purchased Pat Riley’s old crib, a $50 million dollar home in Coral Gables, FL. This crib has everything: 8 bedroom/11 bathroom, tennis court, weight room, full kitchen and of course basketball court. This […]

Damn, seems like even rappers aren’t immune to the current housing market disaster. Ya boy Fat Joe, according to Mediatakeout, is putting his Miami mansion up for sale, word is that the Bronx M.C. has been working on the crib for the last 10 years putting everything he had into the mansion. From the looks […]


Kanye West has listed his Beverly  Hills mansion on the market. The two story 34, 580 sq. ft. home is located on Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills and contains 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, fireplaces, and a detached garage for the price of $8,699,000. West decided to sell his mansion after he lost his mother, Donda […]

<p>The "Good Life" Presents.. Striptease Sundays at Mansion, DJ Affect’s Spring Break Birthday Bash! Live Performances By: Flo Rida, Billy Blue, Black Dada, &amp; Git Fresh…</p&gt;

<p>Flo Rida, Billy Blue, Triple C’s, &amp; More performed at Mansion for DJ Affect’s Birthday Bash With The Good Life in South Beach..</p>