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Justin Bieber got himself a new haircut and now he wants to play at the Playboy Mansion. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner announced last night on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ that he will be marrying his latest girlfriend/fiance Crystal Harris on June 18, 2011, and also revealed that Justin Bieber has requested to come visit the Playboy Mansion.

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The 16 year old singer may be a little young to party hard at the Playboy Mansion by himself so Justin’s dad has agreed to be his ‘chaperone.’ Hugh said he’d be ‘delighted’ if Justin came to the Playboy Mansion.

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But the question is…what does a 16 year old boy do at the Playboy Mansion? Well, GlobalGrind thought of some great things Justin can get into while visiting the Playboy Mansion and they’re all teen friendly.

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Watch the video below and check out what Justin can do at while visiting the Playboy Mansion on the next few pages!


Justin Bieber should sit down and have a nice talk with Hugh Hefner about how to manage the ladies. Like how gramps taught you how to play catch.


Justin can have a little arcade-like fun time while playing in the Playboy game room.


Justin can also visit the Playboy zoo.


When Justin goes to Playboy Mansion h

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