So it wasn’t an April Fools prank? If it is, it’s running awfully long.  Simon Sanchez, a Texas native and a former employee of Marc Ecko has branded himself for life by tattooing an Ecko Unlimited logo on his calf. The tattoo ensures that Sanchez will receive a 20 percent discount on all Ecko clothing. […]


Action star, vixen, mom, ambassador and just plain badass Angelina Jolie may have adopted a seventh child. Well, that’s if we are to believe the new tattoo that’s currently lounging on her left arm. The tattooed beauty was photographed in a refugee camp near the Tunisian and Libyan border yesterday and a sharp eyed photographer spotted the […]


Tattoos in Japan are often associated with the samurai as well as criminal class. A samurai would be tattooed as a way to identify his body on the battlefield if his armor and weapons were looted. Today, it’s the criminal class that’s often noted for tattoos. This is because, centuries ago, criminals were separated from […]

Lil Wayne is the Facebook champion of the world as the ‘6 Foot, 7 Foot’ star broke the Guinness Book of World Record for the most Facebook ‘likes’ in 24 hours. Lil Wayne topped the cookie giant Oreo for the record when he got wind of what Oreo’s was trying to do. Lil Wayne put […]

Lea Michele is taking after her character on Glee, Rachel, this week and showing a more risque side of her. Lea Michele did her sexy photo shoot for the November 2010 issue of Marie Claire UK, which she will be on the cover of. In the article Lea Michele talks about how her hit show […]

There are a lot of really hot male celebrities, but there’s something about a guy who has some really interesting and intricate ink on their bodies. It’s kind of dangerous and intriguing and it definitely creates that bad boy allure. Some guys just sport a few, while others have practically their entire bodies covered! Guys […]

Male celebrities are always showing off their tattoos, but women have some pretty sweet ink too! And Angelina Jolie isn’t the only one sporting them. In fact, thirty-nine of the women on last year’s Maxim Hot 100 list have tattoos, so it seems that men dig tats on women too. Celebs like Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, […]

Lil Wayne’s short term jail sentence is about to be over, since he has been away Lil Wayne coverage, music, and videos have not stopped. Some may think of his going to jail as a good break needed from Lil Wayne but once he is out know the game will more than likely be in […]

  “Little Miss Sunshine” as once affectionally called by Jay Z found a way onto our ipods, radios, blog topics, and television screens. If you have not figured out who I am talking about yet, it is Rihanna. Yes “Little Miss Sunshine Rihanna where you at?” has been everywhere this summer. While her current album […]

Rihanna stopped by the tattoo shop earlier this week with her boyfriend Matt Kemp, as we previously reported. None of the paparazzi on hand got a shot of her new tat, that was until Rihanna was seen leaving her hotel last night as she held her Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Angel bag close to her chest […]

This Takers star took some time out to catch some rays. Chris Brown twitpic‘d himself poolside, showing off his washboard abs, colorful swim trunks, and arm full of tattoos, all while sporting a  giants hat. Brown has been hanging around LA since  the premiere of his new movie Takers where he looked rather dapper on […]


Sometimes I think people forget when they get tattoos that they’re permanent. Some things that may seem like a great idea at one point in your life may not hold that same importance years later. Things don’t stay popular forever. Tattoos are supposed to be meaningful and stand for something and maybe these pop culture […]