Today is "Celebrate Bisexuality Day," check out a bunch of celebs who have identified as bisexual.

Whether they’re walking the same runways or jet-setting on the same private jet, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne seem to be inseparable as of late. Now, they’re closer than ever on the cover of Love magazine. The two models of the moment show their affection for one another as Kendall straddles Cara on the steamy cover. Kendall […]

She may be the most successful woman in music, but she still knows how to look fierce without putting a dent in her massive fortune. Last night, Beyonce stole the show at the celebration for the Topshop/Topman 5th Ave flagship opening dinner in NYC, and rightfully so, as Bey is set to collaborate with the British brand for an […]

If anyone deserves to treat themselves, it’s Jennifer Lopez! The “I Luh Ya Papi” singer recently invested in a luxurious penthouse apartment in Manhattan, and it cost her a cool $22 million. According to reports, the apartment, located at 21 E. 26th St. in the Big Apple, includes 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and four terraces, which all […]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a “fake marriage,” reveals In Touch. The magazine says the two sleep in “separate bedrooms,” their public appearances are “scripted,” and Kardashian’s completely “disgusted” by West. For the exclusive scoop on the “business deal” that has couple “living a lie,” go to Gossip Cop. Kristen Stewart has hit an “all-time low” […]

“Are my eyebrows OK?” said every young adult female at least once. Over the past year or so, eyebrows have become important. Like, really important to girls everywhere. it’s not you, its your eyebrows — what (@chanelpuke) May 25, 2014 Spring runway trends introduced a strong, thick brow (shout out to eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne) and […]

Nothing’s more fun than enjoying an NBA game, courtside with a good friend, some booze, and a few e-cigarettes. Well, at least that’s what Michelle Rodriguez thinks. The Fast & Furious star was spotted chilling court side at Tuesday nights Knicks VS Pistons game with supermodel Cara Delevigne, having a little more than a good […]