Ke$ha really outdoes herself in the new music video for the club banger ‘Blow.’ The crazy clip finds the party pop star at a fancy soiree with guests wearing unicorn heads and a cameo by none other than our favorite ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star, James Van Der Beek!  PHOTOS: Ke$ha Commands Us To Dance And Other […]


No this isn’t Eve’s ‘Blow Ya Mind,’  but it is Nicki Minah’s new track that’ll appear on DJ Haze’s upcoming mixtape Still Countin’ Money 3. The new song will be another way for fans to be held over until the release of her debut album and in the song Nicki Minaj declares ‘This is the […]


Linzi Stoppar did her best Rihanna impression mixed with a little bit of Baby from Cash Money when she posed naked to promote the most expensive electric violin of all time. The violin is covered with with 50,000 Swarovski crystals and cost a whopping 1 million dollars. It’s a recession I can figure a million better […]

<p>As the buzz goes on about the possible causes or reasons that led to Alexander McQueen ending his life with his own hands, one of the strong possibilities</p>

<p>The famous British designer Alexander McQueen has apparently committed suicide. His dead body was found hanging at his home in Mayfair, London. McQueen has</p>

With the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, select and type using touch technology—the screen is the keyboard. Typing is easy—highlight the letter on the touch screen and press the screen to make it appear in your message or document. And navigation is a breeze. Like a mouse, your fingertip moves the cursor across the screen.