Happy Black Friday! While most of you are out fighting crowds at the mall, we’re having a #FlashbackFriday moment. Do you remember where you were the very first time you watched the movie Friday starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and Nia Long? We do. Over the past 18 years, we’ve watched Friday too many times […]

Ice Cube is going to make Last Friday – with or without Chris Tucker. EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube Says Last Friday Is All About Chris Tucker In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the Amerikkka’s Most Dangerous rapper talked about Chris Tucker’s comments that there might not be magic with the last installment of the Friday movie […]

It’s official: Ice Cube is bringing Friday back!  DETAILS: DAMMNNN!! Ice Cube And Chris Tucker Bringing Back Friday! Actor Ice Cube has confirmed that he and 39-year-old original cast member Chris Tucker will reunite for one more Friday movie. According to TMZ:  A rep for Cube Vision Productions tells us … “Absolutely yes the studio is in […]

Tiny “Deebo” Lister has spilled the beans that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are in talks to do one more Friday! LIST: Chris Tucker and Other Great MJ Impressions TMZ caught up with the actor outside of a restaurant and got the scoop.  Tiny, who plays Deebo in the Friday franchise, said that he had […]

Do you remember the first time you saw Friday? The year was 1995 and many of us snuck into the theater to watch Craig and Smokey battle Big Perm and Deebo, while ogling Ms. Jackson. Well now, actor Tiny “Deebo” Lister has spilled the beans that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are in talks to […]

Ever wonder how old your favorite celebrity is? Well, for some, you’ll definitely be surprised. Some musicians seem to be very mature, but really they’re just babies. The same goes for actors who look not a day over 25, but have been on this earth long enough to be very seasoned at their craft. Michael […]

They don’t call him the King of Pop for no reason! Michael Jackson’s one of a kind style is nearly impossible to replicate. Many have tried and many have also failed. Some however, come pretty close.1. Chris Brown undeniably performs some of the best Michael Jackson impersonations. He paid tribute to his idol at multiple […]

You can’t pay tribute to Michael Jackson without recalling the men who questioned his motives, appearance, celebrity and behavior. What men, you ask? Not the King of Pop’s brothers! We’re talking about American comedians Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, Chris Tucker, Eddie Griffin and others who went IN on MJ before, during and after […]


Monday is the last day to get your taxes in, prompting people across the nation to run here, there and everywhere trying to decipher those pesky 1040’s that seem to get more and more complicated as the years go on. PHOTO: Blowing Money Fast, Billionaire Balling But what’s keeping you from throwing what has to […]

We love watching our favorite celeb mini-me’s mimic their super cool celebrity parents when out and about in a celebrity’s playground. Whether it’s Tinseltown, New York City, or venturing internationally, celebrity kids are always cute and oh so adorable! New mom Alicia Keys stepped out with husband Swizz Beatz, their son Egypt, and Swizz’s eldest son […]