Check out this gallery of one of the most beloved hip hop icons ever on his 51st birthday!

Dr. Dre helps make Diddy's musical dreams come true. Check out a gallery from the historic night at the studio inside. 

Snoop got fans excited for the summer with his announcement that his newly acquired Death Row label would be releasing a compilation album this summer. He also dropped off the first single. Check it out inside!

The legendary rapper, mogul and entrepreneur has acquired Death Row Records' brand in a move that brings him back to where his career was originally catapulted.

On Tuesday, February 20, BET will premiere their six-part, three-night docu-series, chronicling the rise and fall of Death Row Records. Unlike documentaries in the past, Death Row Chronicles dives into the infamous record label as told by those involved. Speaking to friends and family members of Suge Knight, and Suge himself (from prison), Death Row Chronicles begins by providing […]

Snoop Dogg, who collaborated with the late rapper on 1996's "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted," will be inducting the late icon into rock's most exclusive club.

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It’s been almost 20 years since the passing of the great Tupac Shakur. While his death remains unfathomable for some, many have accepted his demise. Yet, some believe the prodigious rapper is still floating around. The thought of Tupac being alive continues to be on the minds of many. With little to no hope in regards […]

As of late, Suge Knight‘s sketchy past is definitely catching up to him. The former Death Row Records CEO is currently being held in jail after he hit Terry Carter with his car last month, ultimately killing the tow truck employee who was reportedly a friend of his. Suge may stay in jail for at […]