The exclusive Black-owned membership club The Gathering Spot is continuing its mission to bring people together. The expansion for the space has now reached new heights -- literally. 

When it comes to speaking on political issues, French Montana admittedly tends to opt out. But the recent allegations of racial discrimination against Delta Airlines was enough to force the Bronx emcee to say something. French took to Instagram to weigh in on an incident that has now gone viral, in which YouTube star Adam Saleh and a […]

The airline continued to explain the situation, instead of taking responsibility for doubting Dr. Cross' credentials.


  Delta Airlines has come under fire in recent days after news broke that a Delta flight attendant questioned whether or not a Black woman, Dr. Tamika Cross, was actually a doctor when Cross jumped up to help a man in distress. Cross took to Facebook to tell her story and air her grievances. Her story […]

A Delta Airlines flight departing from Baltimore and on its way to Atlanta landed early when a passenger noticed a baboon tarantula escaped its container. Fortunately, it was captured by Delta employees and all passengers were transferred onto another plane. [Complex] In case you forgot, it’s not necessary to give the police your phone password if […]