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<p><span style="font-family: Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; white-space: pre;">At last night&acirc;&euro;&trade;s final show of &acirc;&euro;sThe Tonight Show&acirc;&euro;&trade;, comedian Will Ferrell and his Swedish wife Viveca Paulin joined hands with O&acirc;&euro;&trade;Brien on stage </span></p>

<h2 class="singlePageTitle">Will Ferrell and his wife performed together to send off Conan O Brien.Will Ferrell Wife wraps up the Conan`s era on The Tonight Show<br /></h2>

<p>Will Ferrell performs Free Bird to send off Conan O Brien.Conan o Brien says his last good night to the The Tonight Show along with Will Ferrell by rocking out to Free Bird.</p>

<p>To make his last show memorable, Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin joined Conan O&acirc;&euro;&trade;Brien at &acirc;&euro;?The Tonight Show&acirc;&euro;&trade; in a traditional hippie getup. The</p>

<p>After what was a much anticipated and awaited egression by Conan O’ Brien from the platform that once belonged to him on the Tonight Show, the moment finally</p>

<p>Will belongs beside the Trey Songz, and Mario’s as top male R&amp;B artist</p>

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<p>Off of his new mixtape Sex Tape, set to drop on Valentine’s Day(2/14).</p><p>&copy; 2009 The Hip-Hop Chronicles</p>

<h3 class="post-title entry-title"><a href=” latest movie project is said to be "dynamite" – but she”s praying no one ever gets to see it…<br /> The Mean Girls star, 23, is bracing herself for the internet release of a sexplicit video file which shows her engaging in, ahem, "adult activity".</a></h3>


Its simple heres a quick look at the people who showed up and out in 2009  OK I FOUND THIS PICTURE AND COULDNT STOP LAUGHING… Let me know who we need to add to the list! Happy Holidays ‘Forever in Fashion’ Piper <a href=”; mce_href=””>Who Was The Best Dressed This Year?</a><span style=’font-size:9px;’ mce_style=’font-size:9px;’>(<a href=”; […] is back at it again with their yearly list of the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’. This year, they chose the talented Mr. Johnny Depp as the #1 pick.     Now, I’m ALL FOR sexiness and I get it. But I DISAGREE with People on this one.  While I do believe the man is attractive…he […]

Queen Latifah is one of the busiest people in show business, and almost every other business to boot! She sat down with DJ Whoo Kid and Reef at the Sirius studios to discuss her new album Persona, perfume, makeup, commercials, upcoming acting roles and more. In this exclusive, the Queen talks working with Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Mary J. Blige and others on the new album. She […]