A former men’s magazine pin-up model is also an international fugitive accused of being the head of a global drug ring that spanned Australia and the United States! STORY: E-Pills & Weed! 17 Students Arrested In TCU Drug Bust  Simone Farrow, 37, was found hiding out in a cheap motel on Queensland’s Gold Coast by […]

After Harlem’s Frank Lucas got slammed in for years, you’d think his wife, Julianna Farrait would have chosen not to make the same mistake he did. According to the NY Post Julianna, who is 65-years old, was arrested in May of 2010 for attempting to sell cocaine to a Puerto Rican informant. Yesterday, Manhattan federal […]

Some not very Christian behavior took place on the campus of Texas Christian University recently, as a drug bust on Wednesday morning led to the arrest of 17 current students. STORY: All White Bricks! The Biggest Drug Busts Ever! In a six-month long investigation, police found that students sold drugs to undercover narcotics officers both […]

Saigon hopped on board with the “No More Drug War” campaign and dropped the song “Drugs.” The commemorative track comes to us on the 40th Anniversary of Richard Nixon’s declaration of war on drugs. The lyrics express a disagreement with the policy and its backfire on the Black/Hispanic communities. “The war on drugs is really […]