Guest Judges Joe Rosati, Late Night Host of Z100 & Peter Shankman, author and social media guru, will join Mr. Ozwald in judging Crown Digital Records’ First Ever Music Video ContestSubmit by June 5th, 2009Win $1,000 & Get Noticedgo to for more info


For young Somalis, piracy offers a life of adventure and money: At sea, they are armed with automatic weapons, rockets and grenades. On land, they are a cross between a town official and a gangster rapper.

Five coaching questions to get clear about your vision:When you find yourself stuck, the issue is often more than a simple case of procrastination. Procrastination is sometimes a sign that you lack clarity about what you are aiming for – and you don’t move forward because you’re not sure exactly where you are headed. Whether […]


Many are calling the fight over the economy the fight for our future – and it indeed is. But it is also the fight over our political present. Do young people, the most promising, newly respected voting block, and in particular, the young progressives that propelled President Obama into office, still have the power? And […]

SpoilTheEnding.TV: No More Chances. On I Love Money, the teams have a Save Midget Mac Challenge. A new alliance is formed and another person is sent home.


Rick Ross f. Flo-Rida – Street MoneyTRILLA: 3/11/08

In case you have forgotten, in 2005, according to Wikipedia, here’s where Latrell Sprewell stood, contract-wise.One month into the 2005-06 season and without a contract, Sprewell’s agent, Bob Gist,…

As reported yesterday, Hillary and Bill Clinton loaned their campaign $5 million of their personal money in late January. A pretty impressive bit of fat-cattery, though admittedly nowhere near the cash that The Amazing Plastic Man has dropped into his own campaign. Obama’s response is beautiful: his campaign announced that since the polls closed on […]