The Jersey Shore cast was rumored to have been on strike due to salary negotiations for a third season. Each cast member received $5,000 an episode for the first season and were then bumped up to $10,000 an episode for the second season and believe it or not, these lucky average Joes-turned superstars have now […]


    Check out this brand new Ne-yo record titled ‘I’m not an idiot’. The track is produced by David Guetta the guy who did that smash hit for Kelly Rowland ‘When love takes over’. David has worked with many artist in the R&B field & Ne-yo is another number to his long list of […]


So I’m checking out my twitter and one of my friends in Cali tweeted about a 5.0 Earthquake which has rocked California. Since the news isn’t up I’m going to post some updates from twitter most are funny some might be sad.  youwish2009 RT @seanisalion i was pooping when theearthquake hit. i didn’t know what to do. so i […]