An Idaho judge sentenced a high school football player to three years of probation and 300 hours of community service after prosecutors said he took part in a brutal locker room assault on a black football player. Judge Randy Stoker is now speaking out and responding to people who feel that the sentence was too […]

“I screamed,” the victim testified. “I was pretty upset. I felt really bad. A little bit betrayed and confused at the same time. It was terrible — a pain I’ve never felt, " the victim said in court. Don’t expect #ManBunMonday to be trending in Idaho. Brigham-Young University has banned the popular hairstyle from their Idaho campus, describing the look as too “extreme.” What the heck? The religious school’s strict honor code keeps their students in check down to their looks, by ensuring that “the dress and grooming standards are consistent with the teachings […]

A 99-year old woman shed a few tears on Friday as she graduated from the College of the Canyons. Doreetha Daniels has been studying at the community college since 2009 and was determined the earn her degree even as she suffered strokes and lost her driver’s license. Inspired by her grandchildren, Doreetha shared inspirational words […]

 UPDATE: 12/31/14 10:10 a.m.  The woman fatally shot by her 2-year-old son in a Walmart in Idaho has been identified as Veronica Rutledge. According to the Daily Mail, the 29-year-old nuclear scientist was described by family and friends as a great mother who was very responsible. The victim’s father-in-law, Terry Rutledge said Ms Rutledge “was a […]