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As many of you prepare for the holidays and some of you may have already celebrated your holiday, tomorrow morning at 8AM, one of the most important votes in our history will be cast on the United States Senate floor.  For many months, we have debated, argued and at times, conversed politely about how we […]


I’ve heard the story only a few times.  It doesn’t come out often.  Not one of those stories you hear over and over again at every family gathering or on somebody’s birthday.  Just need to hear it once, maybe twice, and you don’t forget. I’ve dated my girlfriend for a long time and I know […]

<p>Commentary by Donald W.R. Allen, II &ndash; Political Consultant/Communications (A Black Republican for Life)</p><p>The real title of this story is:</p><h1>The Real story why Senator Norm Coleman, the MN GOP and the Republican Party of Minnesota got thrown under the &ldquo;Democratic Bus&rdquo;</h1><p>&ldquo;Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted […]


The Democrats must use the summer recess to recoup from the unexpected successes of backlash while Republicans must use the time to re-gear their messages with items America can buy into.  Just like in 1992, the Democrats were able to find big victories from the Race to the White House to key victories on Capitol […]

Barack Obama made an impassioned appeal to voters last night to end Hillary Clinton’s dreams of another comeback in the race for the White House.

Elizabeth Edwards plays it coy on the subject of a pre-primary endoresment from either her or her husband.

While Presidential nominee is still uncertain, Dems look to take House and Senate in November.