Hip Hop-friendly rockers Linkin Park spoke with DJ Whoo Kid about Britney Spears head-shaving, a remix with Ja Rule, white people equating all Black people with OJ Simpson… and that’s just the first two minutes! How did they make their music with visionary producer Rick Rubin? Do they do drugs? Do they do groupies? Find out in this exclusive!!


After the showing of South Park’s spoof on Kanye West, which labeled the Chi-town rapper as Gay Fish, Mr. West decided to release a statement via his own personal blog.We all thought Kanye would go into a rage because he is prone to dramatic verbal explosions, that over the years had resulted in the Louie […]


Wow-sers! Last night, “South Park” exposed rapper KANYE WEST to its hilarious wrath, ending an episode about ego and humility with a robo-voiced cartoon Kanye diving into the sea, singing about his gay fishhood. Yeah. Kanye is an avid blogger, so it’s no surprise he responded to the gay fish portrayal today on his site.

I’m surprised he’s being such a good sport about it. I thought he would’ve gone ape sh** as usual.

South Park got Kanye real good with this one, he finally comes out of the closet.


Hey Everybody, I appeared on 106 & Park yesterday for the first time in 4 years (See video below)   ‘106 & Park’ had a Teen Domestic Violence special and because this topic resonates personally for me I decided to share my story with others on BET. I started my own Foundation called the Free4Life Foundation […]