President Obama, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters attended service at the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va. for Easter Sunday.


Microsoft deletes racist and sexist social media messages posted by its AI chatbot. The program learned hate speech from online users.

As if our obsession with selfies wasn't real enough.

The NBA is one step closer to getting rid of disgraced L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling...

You better make some room on your surge protector, because on May 21st, Microsoft may be announcing something new for you to plug in. PHOTOS: Gamers, Rejoice! PlayStation 4 To Arrive During Upcoming Holiday Season The Xbox 720, as it’s being referred to, will be revealed next month during an event set to take place […];;playerWidth=540;playerHeight=396;isShowIcon=true;clipId=6648135;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=CBS.DALLAS%252Fworldnowplayer;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=fixed Minority rights groups are furious about a new app in development by Microsoft, which will supposedly help drivers and pedestrians avoid unsafe neighborhoods! The app may seem like an excellent idea but citizens are worried about how the app will collect data and present various neighborhoods. STORY: Microsoft Windows 8 App Store According to […]

Windows 8 Beta isn’t even out yet and Microsoft is already unveiling plans, and licking its chops, for an app store for the OS. But who’s gonna buy it?  STORY: China Wants To Ban The iPad We can’t be certain given the fact that over 300 million people are using tablets and mobile devices with Androids […]


Last Day’s Of The D.C. Sniper