New Years 2014

Unfortunately, it’s looking like 2014 came in with a few bangs — but not the good kind. It may be a time for resolutions and starting new, but when the clock struck 12 a.m., at least one thing didn’t change. Senseless gun violence. The epidemic continued through midnight Tuesday, and into the latter part of […]

I am not writing this to inform the masses about what happens when one does not effectively plan for a New Year’s Eve outfit, we all know what happens. I am writing this to serve as a reminder as to why you should probably get your outfit together for the holiday this weekend, because there […]

Rev Run will be returning to a small screen near you soon. In just one month, Rev Run’s Renovation will premiere on the DIY Network, featuring the renovation of his family’s 9,000 square foot New Jersey home. In an effort to give his house “the facelift that it deserves” and – we’re guessing – start […]