Since she stole the limelight after breaking down every door in the music industry, Beyonce Knowles has continued to be a role model for young entertainers and women around the world. PHOTOS: Beyonce Sends A Message Inspired By A Very Dark Gift The OMG Girlz, a hip-hop/pop group of three young women who can dance as […]

Is there someone in your life who is dying to see the OMG Girlz live and in living color? We are here to make that dream come true! Want to win WAT-AAH! tickets to see the OMG Girlz live at the SCREAM Star Entertainment Tour in Chicago? Follow the directions on the post above to […]

There’s something about The OMG Girlz that we can’t get enough of. Not sure if it’s their addictive songs or their larger-than-life personalities, but these teen queens are killin’ it like none other. Miss Star, Miss Beauty and Miss Babydoll are giving their loyal fans a treat tonight with a live ustream. If you leave […]


Where the boys at?! That’s what the OMG Girlz wanna know! PHOTOS: Tiny & Zonnique Celebrate Mother’s Day From The Cover Of Hype Hair  So Miss Star, Miss Beauty and Miss Babydoll ditched the Harris family summer vacation for a quick cutie run to find out. However, not too long after they leave, Star’s baby […]

Security at T.I.’s house is about to get a whole lot tighter now that Tiny’s daughter Zonnique has turned a super sweet 16. T.I.’s stepdaughter celebrated her landmark birthday with a sweet 16 party made for MTV with all the glitz and glam a teenage girl could ever dream of. STORY: OMG Girlz Dish About […]

Empowering girl groups have reemerged into the forefront of music. Girl power and the promotion of positivity among women comes single-handedly from three teenage girls determined to live out their dreams.  Star (Tiny & T.I’s daughter), Baby Doll, and Beauty are the faces of the OMG Girlz, and according to these young ladies, they’re ready […]

Earlier this week we gave you 10 naughty porn stars Charlie Sheen should follow on Twitter, but what about the vixens? They’ve been winning for years and shouldn’t they be in the company of a winner? Earlier this week we gave you 10 naughty porn stars Charlie Sheen should follow on Twitter, but what about […]

Chris Brown was frolicking on the beach with a new mystery girl. While the R&B singer was casually kickin’ it on the beach with a new cute girl he must’ve been too busy to notice the paparazzi snapping pictures of the two love birds. Must be someone he really likes because Chris doesn’t usually get […]

Every celebrity has their go to pose when they are in front of the camera, for some it’s facing a certain way, standing a certain or just plain out smiling their pearly whites. But there is one pose that it seems that is ever celebrity’s go to pose, when all else fail and that’s the […]


Jeremy Galmon, 2, was sitting a parked car nearby, when one shooter had exchanged gun fire with an occupant of a second vehicle on Dryades near First Street. Galmon died at 3:47 p.m. from a gunshot wound to the face after being taken to the LSU Trauma Center, the shooting happened around 2:30 p.m.  The […]

What a fashion faux paus! Wearing the same dress to an event would usually be considered mortifying and embarassing; however, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver wore an identical dress to the premiere of their new film,“You Again”, intentionally. The two donned the same David Meister teal dress to poke fun at their characters in […]


Wyclef Jean has been at the forefront for the Haitian people for as long as we can remember, his efforts after the Haiti earthquake were amazing that is why everybody in all aspects of pop culture contacted Wyclef to see what they could do to help. Everyone knows that Wyclef is Haiti’s son. So in […]