This couple brings stunning looks and background dancers to a high school event.

They'll turn anything into a dangerous weapon these days.

Some folks in China recently proved that humans are worthless, heartless savages who really need love in our lives. According to China Daily, a 12-year-old female kangaroo at the Fuzhou Zoo was just living her life when some visitors started throwing rocks at her. Their goal? To get her to hop.   Eventually, a sharp […]

The time for going awf is on the horizon. Thursday is in its final hours and Friday is just around the corner. You going in or nah? Let the hype dancers below show you the moves.   Can you keep up?

Just when you think they’ve thought of everything, the sex toy world is here to prove you wrong. The British company Lovehoney is pleased to present to you the “self-erecting bionic penis” Uprize! That’s right…the dildo product has a floppy mode and with the touch of a button, it can grow into a fully erect […]