Both peanut butter and pickles are acquired tastes — so you when you put them together, that’s a recipe for a nasty a** meal.   Well, wypipo are at it again with a new, basic food craze that’ll further confirm  that they have different taste buds than everyone else. Pickles are a classic snack on […]

If you want to start some controversy when it comes to condiments, crunchy peanut butter is definitely a subject of tension. While some people are all about putting in extra work for a chew, others can’t fathom peanut butter being anything but smooth. It begs the question of whether people who eat crunchy peanut butter […]

People do a lot of things for the ‘gram, but let’s not forget that folks go hard for the book too — Facebook. Social Media personality Alonzo Lerone took on Facebook’s weird food combos challenge and needless to say, it’s just as funny as it is gross. Some of the crazy combos included Cheetos with […]