Whether you love her or hate her, K. Michelle keeps it real. You've got to respect that.

Barbie and Ken are the ultimate form of beauty for this couple, and they've spent over $320,000 to prove it.

This 17-year-old may be regretting her over-the-top lip fillers. Because, obviously.

First-grader Gage Berger was reportedly teased for his "elf ears" and his parents decided the only way to fix the problem would be plastic surgery.

Kylie Jenner has just turned 18 years old, but she’s no stranger to speculation when it comes to plastic surgery. The reality starlet has been dealing with backlash for confessing that she decided to get temporary lip fillers this past year, and since then, rumors have flied about other possible work she might have gotten […]

Kris Jenner speaks about the moment she found out about the procedure, and rightfully so, as her parenting skills were called into question over Kylie's secret surgery.


A woman who posed as a medical professional in a fatal penis enlargement job from 2011 has pleaded guilty, NJ reports.

Kylie Jenner has taken the step to publicly praise her plastic surgeon - ironically, in a feature titled "How She Keeps It Real."

Remember the days when we used to worry about getting new kicks and gear to look our best for our first day back to school? Well, things have changed, and the new generation is opting for a different kind of makeover as they get ready to hit the books again this fall. Thousands of teens […]

It’s not often celebrities admit to getting some plastic surgery done, but Snooki is giving us a rare occassion. The Jersey Shore star posted a new photo to her Instagram, and right away fans could tell that her lips looked pretty different. Sure enough, she admitted to getting her lips plumped surgically, and shared the story […]

Iggy Azalea covered Seventeen magazine's September issue and used her platform to talk about self-love and plastic surgery.

After Kylie Jenner admitted to getting lip fillers earlier this year, everyone suspected that the 17-year-old may have plumped more than just her lips. With Instagram pics and Snapchat videos of the teen flaunting her bodacious cleavage and booty, many started to speculate that the youngest Jenner was just showing off her newly purchased assets. But according […]