Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common, to the point that it’s a little uncanny. Muva’s “MILFY ass” is probably the only one that can give Kim’s a run for its money, Amber used to date Kanye West and now Yeezy’s married to Kim, and both ladies have just one crazy cute […]

Amber Rose is what L&HH star Joseline Hernandez would call a “bad bish.” She’s cute, sexy, well-dressed, confident, and to top it all off, that “thim slick” body of hers is just that – all her. The truth is, we fall in love with Muva Rosebud more and more every time she posts a new flick […]

If you ever needed a reason to curb your selfie addiction, here it is. According to experts, getting up close and personal with others for a cell phone picture might run you the risk of catching lice. Yep, that is happening. Apparently, the head-rubbing contact allows lice to jump into your hair. “I’ve seen a […]

A high school student in Alabama has taken her selfie game way too far. The senior at Clements High School in Limestone County is in hot water after she snapped a selfie with a dead body and posted it on Instagram. The cadaver was intended for medical use during a senior anatomy class field trip to […]

Amber Rose may just be the selfie queen. After hitting us with a motherload of selfies just a few days ago, Muva Rosebud is back and this time, she has proclaimed herself the: “Bald head Scallywag” While rocking a very dark pout, black shades, a bevy of new tats, her infamous bleach-blonde buzz cut, and […]