St. Louis

Just days after a Ferguson cop was relieved from his duties for going against code, another has been placed on indefinite unpaid leave for a racist and homophobic speech he made in April. It just so happens that the officer is the same one who pushed CNN’s Don Lemon and threatened to arrest him during […]


After two weeks of hostility and tension, Ferguson is starting to cool down overnight...

Video of St. Louis Metropolitan Police shooting and killing 25-year-old Kajieme Powell has emerged, rivaling the officers’ account of how the incident occurred on Tuesday. Powell, if you recall, was shot after police say he lunged at them with a knife. Before the shooting, a convenience store owner called 911 after Powell allegedly stole drinks and […]

A St. Louis man, who allegedly tried to rob a store with a knife, was shot down by police 3 miles from Ferguson...

With all of the mayhem that has been going on in the past few days, we can finally say that the state of Missouri is finally taking action. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has planned to place a grand jury in the next few days to begin deliberations and examine evidence of the tragic […]

After peaceful protesters went home, looters raided the store Michael Brown allegedly robbed before dying.


As tensions continue to rise in Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown, local police have made several civilian arrests overnight for protesting in the streets. Meanwhile, St. Louis elected official Antonio French was released from jail Thursday morning after spending a night in the can for peacefully protesting on the streets of Ferguson. French was released around […]