Toni Morrison

For nearly five decades, Toni Morrison, born Chloe Wofford, has gifted the world with unyielding insight and beautifully strung stories of life in America, racism, women, and love in the form of many award-winning novels, short stories, and essays. Since the publication of her first novel, The Bluest Eye, at age 39, Morrison has been a beacon for […]

As the family of Eric Garner awaits the grand jury’s decision, they remain steadfast that any protests following the verdict will be peaceful. 18-year-old Eric Snipes…

The beauty of Black women is hard to overlook, yet it seems some scientists haven’t done thorough research. Psychology Today blogger Satoshi Kanazawa recently posted an article entitled “Why are Black women less physically attractive than other women?” As if the title was not absurd enough, Kanazawa went on to state that the testosterone hormone is […]

Need to make music, book a flight and tour our nation’s parks? Stick around, we have apps for that. What: iTrump Made by: SpoonJack. What It Does: iTrump is a cool app that allows you to play the trumpet either by touch or by blowing air into a port of your iPhone. For sanitary reasons, […]