In recent months, reports of unarmed victims shot and killed by law enforcement has dominated news. In fact, August saw at least five unarmed individuals that were killed by police, including Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, and Eric Garner. And while the number of individuals killed at the hands of officers in “justifiable police homicides” is somewhat unknown […]

The 24-year-old who called 911 to report a man pointing a rifle inside of an Ohio Walmart is now retracting his original account, telling The Guardian that John Crawford III didn’t point the gun at all. That 911 call got Crawford, a 22-year-old black man, killed in August. Police shot Crawford to death in the Walmart while […]

An attorney for the family of the young man shot and killed while holding a pellet gun in Walmart is confirming that police shot John Crawford on sight while his back was turned to them. Surveillance video from Aug. 5 shows Crawford in the Ohio Walmart talking on a cell phone with his back to police. […]

The family of John Crawford, the 22-year-old shot by police in an Ohio Wal-Mart for holding a fake gun, are requesting surveillance video in hopes of getting answers about the shooting incident that left him dead. Family attorney Michael Wright said that the family hasn’t heard back from police or Wal-Mart regarding the requested footage. […]

A 22-year-old man from Ohio lost his life for playing with a toy gun in Walmart. According to the Daily Mail, John Crawford was shot by the police after he was seen holding a toy gun. Crawford and his girlfriend Tasha Thomas, were shopping in the local Walmart in Beavercreek when he walked over to […]

Last week, a man in Pittsburgh was bit by a scorpion while shopping for bananas at Walmart. Yes, you read that right. The unsuspecting guy reached into the box to grab some bananas and an actual scorpion bit him. So let’s add that to the list of odd things that go on in Walmart. The man […]

So this happened. A North Carolina man has been arrested for sucking on a woman’s toes at a Wal-Mart. And no, we’re not making this up. The toe-sucking fetish lover, Michael Anthony Brown, was arrested at his home in Concord, NC. Apparently he told the woman that he was a podiatry student, and somehow her […]

According to authorities, a pregnant woman and her family got sick after eating LSD-tainted meat they purchased from a Walmart in Florida. Apparently, after eating the meat, doctors were forced to induce the woman’s labor but luckily she had a healthy baby boy despite the unfortunate circumstances. Huffington Post reports: Tampa police say the family […]

Surrounded by roll-back prices, yellow smiley faces and a host of shoppers deemed meme-worthy by the internet, criminals who stash guns, steal socks, and brawl in the parking lot seem to have found their favorite place to congregate. Walmart. Basically, it’s the Florida of stores. Consumers have even commented that they’d rather shop the higher […]

UPDATE: Wednesday Feb. 19, 2014: Despite initial reports, the argument between Cyle Wayne Quadlin and Kriston Charles Belinte Chee that resulted in the shooting death of Belinte Chee did, in fact, turn physical. Quadlin told police he fired his gun because he was losing the fight and fearing for his life. Police are continuing their investigation. —— On […]