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We all have our likes and dislikes. And we may even go a little nuts when we come face-to-face with any of our pet peeves. 

But when it comes to our fears – it’s all over before it even begins! 

Everyone’s got something that shakes them to their core: heights, snakes, death. You name it, there’s most definitely already a medical diagnosis for it. 

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And there’s absolutely no one exempt from the anxiety – celebrities included. 

Just recently, Justin Bieber shared with the Sunday Times his extreme phobia over germs. The young heartthrob said: ““I hate getting sticky stuff on my hands, I’ve always had, like a phobia- not a phobia but is I get stuff on my hands, I have to have a washcloth to wash my hands because it just get’s so annoying.” 

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Other celebrities like Diddy and Madonna have shared their deepest phobias as well, tagging clowns and thunder (respectively) as one of the few things that shake ’em down to their socks. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Check out our list of eight other celebrities plagued with personal phobias. 


Diddy has a fear of clowns, also known as coulrophobia. 


The Killers’ member Brandon Flowers has a fear of numbers, especially the number 621. The oddest thing about Brandon’s arithmophobia is his birthday is 6/21. He’s admitted that he avoids flying around his birthday. 


Madonna has a fear of thunder, which is medically referred to as brontophobia. 


Sheryl Crow has fear of heights, also known as acrophobia. 


Britney Spears has a fear of reptiles and lizards aka herpetophobia.  


Adele has a fear of seagulls, which could be considered ornithophobia. 


Even though Rihanna is an island girl, she still has an irrational fear of fish or any sea creatures, making her an ichtyophobe.


Australian singer Kylie Minogue has a fear of hangers. None of her clothes are hung on hangers. 


After getting into a really bad plane crash, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker developed a fear of flying, aka aerophobia. 

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