Uh Oh! Terrence Howard Sued For Credit Card Debt By American Express (DETAILS)

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    We don’t know anyone who dislikes the infamously hazel-eyed actor Terrence Howard - except his ex-wife – and now, American Express!

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    According to recent reports, Terrence is having trouble paying off the debt he has via a credit card with the company, amounting to $33,474.79.

    Last month, American Express decided to sue Terrence for what he owes them and not only that – they’d like 10 percent interest on top of the initial bill!

    In order to really stick it to him, The Man has not only filed a complaint against the wonderful actor, but they have also included his company Al Chemist Productions, Inc

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    Most likely, there is no getting out of this one. Let’s hope that Terrence Howard has the money to pay his bill, but for some reason just neglected to get to it in a timely manner!

    SOURCE: Celebrity-Gossip || Photo Credit: GETTY

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