Definitive Proof That The Polar Vortex Is “The Day After Tomorrow” (PHOTOS)

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Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S.

So remember that 2004 film called The Day After Tomorrow?

The one where Dennis Quaid, aka paleoclimatologist Jack Hall, goes on a cross-country trip to save his son (a younger Jake Gyllenhal) from a storm that throws the world into a new Ice Age?

Well…polar vortex anyone? I mean, when meteorologists are warning that exposed human flesh will freeze in a matter of seconds — shit is getting real.

Seriously…these negative 40 temperatures are clearly an indication that the worst is about to happen. And we have definitive proof that the weather phenomenons that occur in the movie are happening now.

Because this…

day after tomorrow SPLASH_tcm19-72578

Is this…

And this…

640_DAT library

Is clearly this…

Sub-Zero Temperatures Put Mid-West Into Deep Freeze

(ice on the inside! What is this madness?!)

And this…


I mean…identical, right?

Look at this…


Now look at this…

Detroit Deals With Heavy Snow And Bitter Cold

So basically…


It’s the end of the world…

At least the water is frozen and this won’t happen any time soon…


PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Screengrab, Getty

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