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Yesterday Maxim released their annual Hot 100 for 2010. Each year, the men’s magazine comes out with a list of the 100 most beautiful famous women of the year.

Their rankings tend to have drastic changes year to year. This year, singer Katy Perry came out on the top, and last year’s number one, Olivia Wilde, moved to the 20th spot.

Heidi Montag 3.0 was not listed, nor was Adriana Lima. The model was number seven in the 2009 Hot 100, but left off entirely this year probably because of her recent pregnancy.

Check out Global Grind’s 10 favorite women from this year’s Maxim Hot 100, then let us know what you think.

Taylor Swift

Maxim Rank: #31

Global Grind Rank: #10. She’s definitely the sweetheart you can’t help but love.

This country singer’s voice will have you begging to be her Prince Charming.


Scarlett Johansson

Maxim Rank: #14

Global Grind Rank: #9. Her confidence deserves a top 10 spot.

This actress, most recently seen in Iron Man 2, could be your sweetheart or your superhero.


Leighton Meester

Maxim Rank: #17

Global Grind Rank: #8. Everyone watches Gossip Girl to see mean girl Blair in action.

Can you make this television star be a good girl gone bad?


Eva Mendes

Maxim Rank: #11

Global Grind Rank: #7. She’s the image of sexy and classy.

This latina’s curves may be sharper than you can handle.


Gabrielle Union

Maxim Rank: #57

Global Grind Rank: #6. Been in the game for years and still looks like fine as just when she began.

Jay may think he has the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain, but maybe Jay should stop paying Dwyane Wade.


Megan Fox

Maxim Rank: #5

Global Grind Rank: We agree. Megan’s seductive blue eyes keep her in the top 5 spot.

No guy would mind transforming to get their hands on this actress.



Maxim Rank: #6

Global Grind Rank: #4 — Sexiest pop star in the world.

Want to get tied up in barb wire with this singer?


Kim Kardashian

Maxim Rank: #9

Global Grind Rank: #3 materi